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Hi everyone,

I am new to blogging and I thought I would in time blog about the cemeteries I have visited.  I plan my road trips about cemeteries, so I do take road trips as often as I can.

I have photos from New Orleans, LA., Savannah GA., Charleston SC., Louisville KY., Milwaukee WI., St. Louis Mo., Chicago IL., and many, many more locations.  Will be pulling out all of my dvd’s and reviewing them, editing, and then will start to post them.

I find cemeteries to be relaxing when one is stressed or just needs to get away from the normal population.  I have met a few interesting people who also love cemetery photography.  I also have had some really cool experiences while walking among the dead.

I have had more than a few people think I am weird for going to cemeteries, but I tell them, “It is the living you have to worry about not the dead.”  Love when they say, “You won’t catch me dead in one.” LOL  “Oh yeah I will on the day of your funeral.”

Will take me a week or so to start posting so be patient with me.

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